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Wall Hanger in Hyderabad Ceiling Cloth Hanger:

To summarize Wall Hanger in Hyderabad, ceiling cloth hanger installation to the wall where there are any obstructions like:

  • False ceiling fixed to your roof in the balcony.
  • Any beam in the middle of the roof.
  • Any AC duct in your balcony.

Process Of Wall Hanger in Hyderabad Mount From Wall Fixing:

  • In brief Wall Hanger in Hyderabad is very easy to operate, each rod pull down system.
  • In the first place two angulars fixed to the wall at roof level with strongly drilled nails.
  • At the same time we fixed our regular ceiling cloth hanger system on the fixed angulars.
  • To enumerate angulars are very strong, which will bear weight as your roof.

Wall Hanger in Hyderabad Dimensions:

  • In general available sizes of wall mount ceiling cloth hangers are 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet and 8 feet sizes.
  • In short can fix two rods set, three rods set.
  • Overall can modify the size.
  • Altogether work like normal ceiling hanger.

Wall Hanger in Hyderabad

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  I am having false ceiling in my balcony, is it possible to fix hanger?

A:  Yes, we have solution for your problem.

  • Our wall mount ceiling cloth hanger can fix in your balcony.
  • As a manufacturer we have solution for you.
  • We designed one system for you to fix the ceiling cloth hanger.
  • We fix two angulars to your wall at the roof level on both ends at the site of fixing the hanger.
  • Angulars will support and bear the entire weight coming to the ceiling cloth hanger.
  • On two angulars we place the regular ceiling cloth hanger system on it and it works as normal as regular ceiling cloth hanger.

Q: How many lines or rods will come with wall mount ceiling cloth hanger?

A:  We provide 6 lines or rods for each set of our ceiling cloth hanger.

  • Our Wall Hanger in Hyderabad angulars will support 6 lines and takes much weight of your wet clothes.

Q:  Is it free from rust of your angulars?

A:  Yes it is rust free, we make it with good quality iron and painted it with powder coated white paint.

Q:  Is there any maintenance for wall mount ceiling cloth hanger?

A:  Yes, you have maintenance for ceiling cloth hanger for every 2-1/2 years to 3 years of nylon rope change, nylon rope will have life for 3 years only available in market.

Q:  Is there any service support from you if we have any problem with hanger?

A:  Yes, we provide one year free service support from us to you, which we mentioned in bill/receipt when you purchase.


5 feet x 6 lines = Rs. 3200

6 feet x 6 lines = Rs. 3400

7 feet x 6 lines = Rs.3600

8 feet x 6 lines = Rs.3800

Wall Mount Ceiling Cloth Hanger in Hyderabad