Cloth Drying Ceiling Hanger Rajahmundry

As a matter of fact we started our services for cloth drying ceiling hanger Rajahmundry.  We are one of the best online supplier of cloth drying ceiling cloth hanger to major eCommerce sites.


Cloth Drying Ceiling Hanger RajahmundryCloth Drying Ceiling Hanger RajahmundryCloth Drying Ceiling Hanger Rajahmundry


  • To emphasize we are professionally engaged cloth drying ceiling cloth hanger contractors to major builders in Rajahmundry.
  • Our cloth drying ceiling hanger is very easy to operate, each rod pull down system.
  • Stainless steel material, good quality nylon rope, two ceiling patties, and one wall stopper to hold the nylon rope.
  • Available in sizes of 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, and 8 feet.

Cloth Drying Ceiling Hanger Rajahmundry Models:

  1. Roof Cloth Hanger: Fixed to roof/ceiling, which is fixed to the roof of your balcony.
  2. Wall mount ceiling hanger: Fixed to the wall at the roof level when there is obstruction with false ceiling, any beams in the middle of the balcony, A/C ducts.
  3. Pulley ceiling hanger:  This is to say outdated model, which is fixed to roof, but only one pulley with frame type set, some what harder to operate compare to each rod pull down system.

Cloth Drying Hager Benefits:

  • We are professionally experienced contractors in hyderabad and we started our services of cloth drying ceiling hanger rajahmundry.
  • Important to realize using of heavy duty stainless steel pipes, which ares highly tolerable towards heavy wet clothes.
  • By all means our hanger can accommodate more drying space in less area, which is a perfect for your ceiling.
  • Certainly as our conventional cloth drying system your clothes color will fade by the excessive exposure to direct sun and dust.
  • All things considered our indoor cloth drying system enables the drying of your clothes using the ceiling temperature in turn protecting its color.
  • To be sure the most part of your convenience our models will come in different comprising 2 rods set, 4 rods set & 6 rods set, individually can operate drying system.
  • In a word product is available in different sizes of 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, and 8 feets.
  • Usually space between individual rods allow smooth air flow between lines of clothes and reduces fungus to form to your clothes from smell.
  • Altogether can dry your clothes in step manner to dry fast your clothes.
  • Ultimately our hangers are premier type quality, which is having long-life.
  • Finally our hanger is user friendly, by using it you can reduce the reduction of carbon foot prints and indirectly you saves the energy resources like electricity.

Price List For Ceiling Cloth Hanger Rajahmundry:

5 feet x 6 lines = Rs.2500

6 feet x 6 lines = Rs.3000

7 feet x 6 lines = Rs.3200

8 feet x 6 lines = Rs.3400

Price include material, fixing of ceiling hanger.

For further information visit our site: https://rajamahendravaramceilingclothhangers.blogspot.com/

For our other products go to our home page: https://justcallnbuy.com

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