Table Mate Hyderabad

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  • As a matter of fact adjustable and foldable table mate, which can use in comfort position according to your seating position.
  • Identically table mate will come with cup holder and can adjust in 3 positions horizontally and 6 height adjustments vertically 18-in-1 positions.
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  • Table Mate Hyderabad
  • Table Mate Hyderabad
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Features of table mate:

  • Certainly easy to adjust and foldable.
  • Cup holder to keep glass while eating.
  • Bears 10 to 15 kgs weight.
  • Can change 3 positions in each height, 6 x3=18 positions.
  • Can carry to any place to use it in living room, bedroom, balcony, sit-out, and dining room

Uses of table mate:

Can use as

  • Generally speaking kids study table, reading table.
  • In brief elder’s dining table.
  • Identically writing table.
  • Uniquely lap-top table.
  • On the whole outdoor and indoor for playing games/cards.
  • Moreover serving table for resorts/swimming pools.

Benefits of table mate:

  • In particular ideal for everyone to use from 3 years kid to 100 years old.
  • Provided that no tools or screw drivers required to fix, simply press and pin to fix in 5 minutes.
  • To put it another way more leg space to do any task on table with more comfort.
  • As an illustration most comfortable in your living room to eat while watching TV.
  • Easy to carry to terrace, veranda, courtyard, and garden.
  • It is very easy to dismantle and carry to any picnic and outing.

Models of Table mates:

  • First model, table mate I is the first model launched in the market, which is adjustable and foldable table mate, can adjust in 6 heights and 3 positions, totally can use 18-in-1 positions.  Table mate I model has no feature of cup holder.
  • Second model, table mate II is the second model launched in the market with an additional feature of having cup holder attaching to it to hold water glass or water bottle and remaining features are the same as table mate I.
  • Third model, table mate III is the third model launched in the market with an additional feature of having foot rest with two additional rods in the center of two L-shape rods to get free from shakiness of table mate and remaining features are the same as table mate II.
  • Fourth model, table mate IV is the fourth model launched in the market with an additional feature of having additional extra tray to keep any personal belongings and remaining features are the same as table mate II.
  • Fifth model, table mate XL is somewhat bigger than normal table mate dimensions in length and width, remaining functions like adjustment and folding are same as table mate model.

Names of brands of table mates available in market:

  1. Table-Mate.
  2. Table mate II
  3. Multi-Table.
  4. Easy table.
  5. My table mate.
  6. IBS table mate.
  7. Royal table mate.
  8. Kenwin table mate.
  9. Comfort table mate.
  10. Magic table mate.

Table Mate Hyderabad Best Price:

  • Single Table Mate Cost for Multi-Table is Rs.1000
  • Table Mate Special Freedom Independence Day Offer Only Rs.815
  • Table mate Offer Buy 1 get 1 Free Rs. 1800 (Table mate 1+1 offer)
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  What is the table mate price range?

A. Table mate market price range varies from Rs.699 to Rs.1500, the table mate price of Rs. 699 is having product weight of 2 kg and quality of material is very low.

Q.  May I know the table mate phone number Hyderabad?

A.  Yes, table mate phone number Hyderabad is 09290703352/08309419571.

Q.  Where is the table mate shop in Hyderabad?

A.  There is no specific table mate shops in Hyderabad, who are dealing in furniture also may deal in table mate.

Q.  How to know what is Original Table Mate and where it available:

A. In India original table-mate will be available through Amazon and it is registered trademark as Table-Mate with R symbol.  It is very costly and manufactured in Canada.  In India all table mate manufacturers are their own brand names, their own specifications, but the function of the table mate is the same as original table mate.

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