Ceiling Cloth Dryer in Hyderabad:

  • To say nothing of Ceiling Cloth Dryer in Hyderabad is eco-friendly.
  • We are one of the best Ceiling Cloth Dryer in Hyderabad online supplier.
  • Similarly ceiling cloth dryer in Hyderabad is less space occupying.
  • Identically ceiling cloth dryer is convenient way of drying your clothes from hanging who does not have floor space.
  • Uniquely ceiling cloth dryer is made of s.s pipes, which prevent from rusting unlike iron, therefore lasts for long life.
  • To say nothing of each individual stainless steel pipe is fixed to a wheel patti for the smooth pull up and pull down by using nylon rope; hanging each rod separately as needed.
  • In addition hang your clothes from ceiling to dry wet clothes in short space!
  • Moreover ceiling cloth dryer drying system is necessary item for any apartment balcony.
  • Ceiling Cloth Dryer in Hyderabad uses high-quality heavy wheel metal patty.
  • Identically effective in saving time by providing each rod pull down comparatively frame type hanger.
  • At the same time accommodation for more number of clothes in less space.
  • Whereas due to its compact design ceiling cloth dryer can be installed in various spaces:
    • Corridor.
    • Bathrooms.
    • Bedrooms.
    • Balconies.


Ceiling Cloth Dryer in Hyderabad


  • In the first place using of heavy duty stainless steel pipes offers high tolerance for heavy wet clothes.
  • Not to mention ceiling cloth dryer can accommodate more drying space in less area, which is a perfect blend of your ceiling.
  • To say nothing of in the traditional cloth drying system, clothes are damaging like color fading by the excessive exposure to sun.
  • Additionally ceiling clothes drying hanger using the ceiling temperature enables to drying your clothes easily.
  • In the same way an Indoor ceiling cloth dryer hanger comes in different variations of 2 lines, 3 lines & 6 lines individually operated drying stainless steel pipes.
  • Furthermore ceiling cloth dryer is available in different lengths like 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, and 8 feet and universal width of 2 feet 6 inches approximately.
  • In the light of optimum space between individual steel rods allow smooth airflow between clothes reduces mildew and smell.
  • Ceiling clothes dryer hanger in Hyderabad offer premier quality, which is reliable.

Where We Can Perfectly Place this Ceiling Cloth Dryer:

  •       Balconies
  •       Bathrooms
  •       Bedrooms
  •       Utility Area.
  •       Closet areas & Storerooms
  •       Pathway & Corridors between rooms
  •       Terrace wall sides
  •       House backyard
  •       Laundry rooms

Ultimately ceiling cloth dryer is easy and fast drying system:

  • Each pipe can be operated separately

As much as easy operation and on the other hand user-Friendly:

  • Can be manageable by all the age group from kids to elders.

Special quality nylon rope for longer durability:

  • Each and every spare part available if required.

Our ceiling cloth drying hanger system which is nature friendly conversely to help in reduction of your energy and electricity.

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