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Cloth Drying Hanger Near Boduppal Call 09290703352

Call 09290703352, 08309419571 to buy Cloth Drying Hanger Near Boduppal, Roof Hanger Near Boduppal-500039, Balcony Pulley Hanger Near Boduppal, Kapde Sukhane Hangers in Boduppal and Wet Clothes Drying Roof Hangers Ceiling Mounted to dry your clothes in less space in less time.

Cloth Drying Hanger Near Boduppal

Cloth Drying Hanger Near Boduppal

Why Choose Us:

  • Firstly, no need to go to shop, just call us to buy cloth drying hanger near Boduppal.
  • Secondly, we provide doorstep service for cloth drying hanger near Boduppal.
  • Thirdly, to say nothing of we are one of the best dealer for cloth drying ceiling hanger in Boduppal.
  • Specifically, we do services like cloth drying hanger rope change, roof hanger repair and service in Boduppal-500039.
  • Further if you need to fix ceiling cloth hanger in Boduppal-500039.  Call us now for best price and quality material.
  • Not only, but also deals in roof cloth hangers in Boduppal, balcony cloth hangers in Boduppal, pulley cloth drying hangers in Boduppal, wall and ceiling mounted drying hangers in Boduppal.

Balcony Roof Hanger Boduppal


  • On top this is latest system of Clothes Drying Hanger Near Boduppal.
  • It is very easy to operate up to the present time single rod pull up and pull down system of hanger.
  • Moreover from age group of 12 to 70 years can operate.
  • Can make arrangement of clothes in step wise to dry clothes fast.
  • Very comfort to dry clothes as well as without raise your hands you can pull rod up to the low level.

Roof Hanger Boduppal:

  • Cloth Drying Hanger Near Boduppal available from 4 feet to 12 feet in length of stainless steel pipes.
  • Similarly Roof Hanger Boduppal.  Each set of cloth hangers you will get 6 lines.
  • Subsequently Ceiling Hanger Boduppal, we can modify our cloth hanger size according to your requirement.

Cloth Drying Ceiling Hangers Near Boduppal Price List:

Most important material price, installation charges, and one year free service warranty.

Prices of Cloth Drying Hanger Near Boduppal

Regular Material Price

  • 4 feet x 6 Rods = Rs.2200
  • 5 feet x 6 Rods = Rs. 2400
  • 6 feet x 6 Rods = Rs. 2600
  • 7 feet x 6 Rods = Rs. 2800
  • 8 feet x 6 Rods = Rs. 3000

Premium Luxury Cloth Drying Hanger Material

  • 4 feet x 6 Rods = Rs.3000
  • 5 feet x 6 Rods = Rs. 3200
  • 6 feet x 6 Rods = Rs. 3400
  • 7 feet x 6 Rods = Rs. 3600
  • 8 feet x 6 Rods = Rs. 3800

Cloth Drying Hanger Near Boduppal Features

Drying Clothes Made Easy Now:

  • First and foremost to say you can dry simply with each rod pull down system
  • Secondly able to dry clothes even less clothes or even more clothes.
  • Lastly can keep in different levels of step-wise to dry your clothes soon.

 Small Space Is Enough To Fix:

  • By all means this is easy to fix in balcony as well as wash area also.
  • As well as keep our ceiling hanger system according to your requirement.
  • Especially we can alter the length and breadth of the ceiling roof hangers.

 Free Installation:

  • To illustrate free installation of cloth drying ceiling hangers to our clients.
  • Specifically skilled technician will install clothes drying hangers.
  • However sizes Available: 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, and 8 feet with 6 rods per each set.

 Free Maintenance:

  • Uniquely maintenance free of S.S. pipes, lasts for decades.
  • In conclusion maintenance will be changing the nylon rope after 2 to 3 years after fixing the hanger.

Cloth Drying Hanger Video Link

Ceiling Cloth Hanger Phone Number Hyderabad Rope Change in Boduppal:

We also provide:

  • Clothes drying hanger near Boduppal rope change.
  • Roof cloth hanger repair in Boduppal-500039.
  • Pull and dry hanger service in Boduppal-500092.
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