Ceiling Hangers Dealer in Hyderabad

We are one of the best ceiling hangers dealer in Hyderabad. It is the latest innovative product, permanent solution to dry your wet clothes in less space.

Who We Are:

We are ceiling hangers online supplier in Hyderabad, good dealer network of ceiling hangers in Hyderabad, online supplier to major eCommerce portals, and major builders in Hyderabad.


  • First thing to remember we are one of the best ceiling hangers dealer in Hyderabad. Our hanger is very easy to pull up and pull down of clotheslines, which are fixed to the ceiling to dry your clothes.
  • To say nothing of ceiling hangers are best solution to dry your wet clothes in less space.
  • To enumerate easy way to keep your wet clothes on clotheslines compare to old clotheslines, which are above your head level.
  • Notably clotheslines you can pull down to your comfort level to keep your wet clothes to dry easily.
  • Whenever there are more number of clothes when you wash in weekends ceiling hangers are more beneficiary.
  • Likewise very best for your apartment balcony.
  • Whereas you will get more space in your balcony.
  • At the same time your clothes will get dry fast.
  • In reality very easy to operate of any age group.
  • On the contrary it is latest model of each rod pull down system compare to old frame model.
  • To be sure it is easy to keep your clothes in step manner of each line.
  • To emphasize ceiling hangers are only one solution for drying clothes in apartments.
  • Due to heavy rains in rainy season all things considered ceiling hangers ultimately best choice.
  • On the other hand due to high temperature at roof level ceiling hangers are more beneficial for drying clothes.
  • Important to realize as a busy schedule of life we make our clothes washing in only weekends, at that time our washing machine loads are more, to dry all these clothes in less time and less space to emphasize ceiling hangers are best solution.
  • Compare to traditional way of drying clothes with clotheslines it looks very decent.
  • ceiling hangers dealer in Hyderabad

Product Pack Contains:

  • Stainless steel pipes.
  • Nylon rope.
  • One Wall Stopper.
  • Two ceiling patties, which are fixed to ceiling.
  • Available in sizes of steel pipes from 5 feet to 8 feet.
Our Price List:
  • Notably including material cost, installation cost, and one year free service.
  • To enumerate we can offer best ceiling hanger price in Hyderabad.
Price List of Ceiling Hangers Dealer in Hyderabad 

5 feet x 3 lines = Rs. 1200

6 feet x 3 lines = Rs. 1400

7 feet x 3 lines = Rs. 1500

8 feet x 3 lines = Rs. 1600

Ceiling Hangers Dealer in Hyderabad 6 Lines Set Price 

5 feet x 6 lines = Rs. 2300

6 feet x 6 lines = Rs. 2500

7 feet x 6 lines = Rs. 2700

8 feet x 6 lines = Rs. 3000

Our Services:  We provide services for rope change/thread change

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q. May I know the dimensions available?

A. Dimensions available in length of pipes from 4 feet to 8 feet.

Q. What is the width of the hanger required?

A. For any set of hanger to fix 2-1/2 feet is enough to keep 6 rods, for 3 rods 1-1/2 feet is enough.

Q. Is there any maintenance for hanger?

A. Yes there will be maintenance for hanger of rope change for every 2 years.

Q. What is the material of pipes used in ceiling hanger?

A. Stainless steel material, which is rust proof body of branded.

Q. How many models of ceiling hangers in market?

A. Models are two models, one is each rod pull down and second one is frame type.

Q. How many years of guarantee for ceiling hangers?

A. Life for stainless steel pipes lasting for decades, we provide guarantee for 1 year with free service.